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Lichen or known more commonly as Black Spot can infest stonework and patios.


It is produced by a mutual friendship of an algae and a fungus. The algae are responsible for photosynthesis, while the fungus acts as an anchor to the surface, feeding on the minerals of the surface it is attached to. The fungus sends down rootlets into the substrate which makes them nearly impossible to shift. Natural stone, such as sandstone, provides a nice home for Lichen due to its high porosity. Concrete based pavers and blocks are also prone to infestation.


Brushing, scrubbing and jet washing can have little effect on this type of stain, and left untreated will get bigger and spread.


However, with a bit of know how and experience Lichen can be treated. Using specialist cleaners applied to the surface and left to work their magic. 




Images:   Lichen Infestation

                 Paving undergoing Treatment

                 Treated Indian Sandstone