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When you install solar panels, installation

companies do not usually explain that it is

important to clean the panels at regular

intervals. Having your solar array cleaned

will ensure optimal performance. Over time,

panels will become less productive due to

the build up of atmospheric dirt, dust and

even bird waste. Rain water will not remove

this dirt coating, so cleaning is essential to

keep your investment performing as it

should. It has been reported that solar

panels can lose as much as 20-25% output

if left in a dirty condition.


How to clean: Tap water here in the south contains minerals and dissolved solids such as Calcium which when dry, leaves a chalky residue. If soaps are used, these will leave a dirt attracting film on solar panels increasing the need for more frequent cleaning. Kerb Appeal only uses water fed poles and 100% pure water, which leaves solar panels perfectly clean and streak free. Also, to protect the surface of the panels from damage that may be occur during cleaning, we only use specialist solar panel cleaning brushes.


So, protect your investment, and make the most from the feed-in tariff, please get in touch.


One off clean - £35.00

Regular 6 monthly clean - £25.00  (Standard 4 Kw System) Conditions apply


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