Treatment and Protection

With our experience and expertise we are able to use Market Leading products to acheive the best results for any given service. Products are chosen for being powerful, kind to the environment, biodegradable and EEC Compliant.

  • Stain Removal - Oil, cement, paint, fat and grease, bitumen, grafitti, bird droppings, gum, leaking water mark stains, tree berries and more.

  • Protection & Enhancements - Paving, Patio, Stone & Pattern Imprinted Concete  -Sealers and Colour Enhancers. Wood and Decking - Oils, Waterproofing and Protection , Roof Sealing and Coating and more.

  • Grime & Growth Removal - Moss, Algae, Fungus, Black/White spot (Lichens), Mildew, Weed killers and Weed Control measures e.t.c

  • Block Paving Sand - Sand Options: Standard Kiln Dried, Coloured Sand, Self Hardening Sand, Weed Supressing Sand and Joint Bonding Agents.