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Window Cleaning

  Benefits of the water fed pole system:


  • Windows stay cleaner for longer.

  • Previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned - Above conservatories etc.

  • Lawns/flowerbeds remain undamaged by ladders - so does your building.

  • Minimal intrusion of personal space - so we won't disturb you.

  • No need for detergents, pure water is also better for the environment.



Kerb Appeal will make your windows shine because we use the latest window cleaning water fed pole technology. We have invested in a water filtering system which makes our water 100% free from minerals and other dissolved solids, so when the water dries on glass it remains crystal clear. Our system can reach 4 floors high while working safely from the ground, meeting todays Working at Height Regulations.

However, if you wish for a more traditional clean we are happy to clean your lower windows using the old soap and squeegee method.







Free - we go the extra mile so you will also receive a Free Frame , Sill, and Door Clean with every visit!



 We are so confident in cleaning your windows if you are not completely happy we will return and clean them again for free!!